Pawfect Pals Animal Rescue

Foster Carer FAQ

We get quite a lot of questions in regards to fostering a dog, here’s some answers to some frequently asked questions in regards to fostering a dog with Pawfect Pals

Q: What do we have to pay for when we foster?
A: Pawfect Pals tries to cover everything in regards to your foster dog, we will supply food if we have donations, cover all vetting costs including flea and worming treatments, we can also supply bedding, crates and toys if required

Q: Do you choose what dog we foster or do we choose?
A: Pawfect Pals tries to match a dog best suited to your lifestyle and resident animals with the limited information that we are given regarding each dog. You will never be pressured into taking a dog that you are not comfortable taking. You can choose from a list of dogs the one you think is best suited to you.

Q: How long on average does the dog stay with us?
A: This is totally dependent on the dog itself, majority of our dogs move to their new homes in 4-6weeks, some do stay a little longer, but this isn’t very often. You get to see the whole process through from pound to adoption.

Q: Do you come out to inspect the property the dogs will be staying at?
A: Yes, we arrange a volunteer to pop out and check your fences are secure and there are no hazards for the foster. This also give you a chance to ask any questions about volunteering and fostering and you get to meet someone face to face as well. We find this a good way for you to feel like a part of our team from the word go.

Q: Does the dog have to be inside or outside or both?
A: They can be either or both. We do have carers that have outdoors only dogs and that’s totally fine as long as the dog is happy with this.

Q: Does it matter if we already have pets?
A: Most of our carers have resident pets. Dogs, cats etc. We try to match a foster with the limited information we are given to suit your resident furries!

Q: Are there specific places where we have to purchase their food from?
A: We do try to help with food donations as much as possible but when not available we can help with food if needed. We don’t have specific requirements for feeding however.

Q: We have kids. Does this present an issue at all?
A: No this isn’t an issue at all. We have quite a few carers with children. The kids love fostering!

If you have any other questions, please contact us and ask and our admin team will be in touch.